Welcome to the 0D Clan!

"Slow is smooth, smooth is fast"

About us

The 0D (Oliver D0yle or 0riginal D0yler) Clan, was created by famous Twitch streamer Oliver Doyle. The clan has risen to the top of the clout charts over the course of 2019. The clan comes together every now and then to compete in various events and activities during D0yle' streams. During the summer of 2019, a Huge Nerd™ created this website to flex the clan's extremely high level of clout.

The 0D Clan was founded Q2 of 2019, and has gained a decent following of Mario Kart players. Some neat features of our clan include:

  • In-clan wars
  • Fun Room Fridays™
  • Real clan wars? Maybe?
  • Epic website

This website is manually updated by EccoMassimo, so do not expect immediate changes or updates. I am morally opposed to the use of heavy JavaScript or PHP as this website is written entirely in HTML and CSS.

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