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Discord Server & 0D Clan Guidelines

Please Note:

Rules are not final. Administration will mod at their discretion. If you have any complaints or feedback, feel free to DM me (D0yle)
(Indentations are clarifications)

1: Spam
Don't fill up chat to the point of being unusable
A good guideline is if you and other people are filling up half a page of chat with nonsense characters or the same phrase(s) repeated over and over

2: Illegal Content
Do not upload, post, discuss, request, or link to anything that violates local or United States law.

3: Harassment
Do not directly attack other users or bring their up their personal lives in chat.
Do not post or request personal information ("Dox").
Do not contact someone outside the chat who may be associated with a user in chat (such as friends and family) by any means.
Do not directly message another user with hateful messages and vitriolic speech.

4. Civility
Keep things civil. That means don't be rude, aggressive, or overly negative.
No Gore/WTF/Shockposting
No racism
No politics

5. Other
No complaining about pings. It's a part of the server. Just mute them if it bothers you.