Custom mod packs can be installed to change the sound/texture files for Mario Kart Wii. You can choose to load them via CTGP, Riivolution, or a custom ISO.

To install a music pack, you will need:

  • A Wii or vWii
  • CTGP with an SD card
  • --OR--

  • A functional MKWii ISO
  • ISO Editing program such as Wii Scrubber.

First, download a pack (as shown below) and extract the files inside. If you are using CTGP or Riivolution, move the files into your 'MyStuff' folder. Alternatively if you are without CTGP, you can manually patch the iso using Wii Scrubber.



Overhaul Packs Creator
Overhaul Pack Username


Texture Mods Creator
D0yle Funky Texture ParpieNZ
Inverted Font w/Mudkipz ParpieNZ
Clout Runner / Funky Kong ParpieNZ


Music Packs Creator
Shadow's Music Pack v2 ChaosShadow23
Shadow's Music Pack v3 ChaosShadow23
Troy's Old Music Pack TWD98 & SwordOfSeals